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Weekend Update

Since it’s been forever since my last post (and I have good reason, an 11 pound, now nearly 2 month old good reason) I thought it was time to jump back in the saddle.  Nobody told me it would take nearly 2 months until I had some semblance of a routine with a newborn but hey, who’s complaining when you get to look at this face everyday.

What I’ve been up to lately:

Reading: Just finished The Farming of Bones – very depressing but extremely well written and it was a great read for book club, lots to discuss.  When I’m not trying to finish a fiction novel I am currently digesting piles of baby books.  This one is my current favorite.

Cooking: White Chicken Chili – yum!

Baking: These for Finny and Donk’s Craft-Along.  They were so yummy, my women’s group loved them!  I also made this but it wasn’t great.  I have to make something with the pounds and pounds of lemons hanging off the tree in my backyard.

Listening To: Podcasts by this man – love everything he has to say.  Also jamming to her and these guys.

Browsing:  Loving this site, already posted and requested a few books.  Also loving this site for new recipes and gotta love all the pictures.

Watching: I seriously contemplated naming my son Jack Bauer Taylor because I love this show so much but we liked Tripp better.  Another show I am so glad is back after the holiday hiatus is Grey‘s although am I the only one that is annoyed with the whole Denny/Izzie dead guy scenario?

Crafting: This scarflet is slow going because I usually have a little one in my arms.  Not sure how much longer I’ll need it here in Spain but I can’t wait until it’s finished.  I’m using a brown wool and turquoise worsted together, I’ll post pics when it’s off the needles.  I also made one of these with a beautiful asian silk to carry my little guy around in.  Since he loves the sling so much I have 3 different ways to carry him now – the Baby Bjorn, the Ultimate Baby Wrap and a handmade ring sling.

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Feeling better and a productive weekend – Pic Heavy!

My new favorite shoes – bought for 9,800 Won or $10 USD in Seoul last weekend, aren’t they the cutest?  They are so comfy too and I’ve never had yellow shoes – it must be spring!

A little note I wrote late last night to hide in hubby’s backpack before he left this morning.  Kelli, thanks for supplying the note and the inspiration.

I made some taggies tonight for gifts.  I saw this idea on someone’s blog and I’m sorry I can’t remember who you are but if you see this and say, “hey, she got that idea from me,” please leave me a comment and I will promptly reference you.  I just thought they were so cute.  One’s for our neighbor, Joe’s co-worker, who helps us with all things Korean.  They have a baby girl so I thought she might like one.  The other one I will hold onto until I need it as a gift.  I used a thrifted butterfly pillowcase on one side and some REALLY soft flannel on the other side.

A taggie and bib set for my friend Rachel’s son Gibson.  They live in Florida (where I used to live) and I miss them dearly.  I got to spend his first 3 weeks with little Gibby before moving to Korea and I wanted to send Rachel something to make her smile since her husband just got deployed for another stint (he got back only a year ago).  Thanks to Beki of Artsy Crafty Babe  and Sally of Shim and Sons for the idea to make a cute bib.  I used a plain old washcloth as the base, which I appliqued with a cowboy boot using some thrifted fabric, which I also used for the taggie.

Some of you may remember I made the Calorimetry head scarf from Knitty but it was way too big so I’m wearing it as a neck wrap/scarf.  I used a brooch to fasten it closed but I think I will sew a button on instead, the pin was a little awkward to take on and off.

I have finally cut out all the pieces for the Amy Butler Ultimate Arts & Crafts Tote.  Whew, I hope sewing it takes less time than cutting out over 30 pieces.


Right now I am knitting this cute little number from Knitty. When I’m done with the headband I plan to make this. Pics on the projects later.

WIP – I call it “ADD”

So here we are in Korea and I am fiending for my sewing machine. It is not guaranteed to arrive until Jan. 19th so I will have to survive on knitting and embroidery. This is the view out of my hotel room as the sun was coming up.

I have a Valentine’s scarf in progress but I shouldn’t call it a Valentine’s scarf since I’ve been working on it since Novmeber.

I call this scarf Knitting ADD or Attention Deficit Disorder. I started the scarf with a k3 border on both sides and then wanted to continue with a stockinette stitch throughout – I love variegated yarn in stockinette. However, while on a plane to NY and after a few too many glasses of red wine I started forgetting which row I was on. Voila, a disorganized, slightly abstract yet equally colorful Valentine’s scarf. I need it here in Korea, it was 36 degrees F today.

You can’t see it too well but this is a closer picture of the variation in stockinette and garter.

Is that not the ugliest chair you have ever seen? Apologies to anyone who actually owns this chair. Our hotel on base is very nice but the furniture is atrocious. I would have so much fun reupholstering this hideous thing.

So because my beloved sewing machine is en route to Asia my choices of crafts are knitting my ADD scarf or trying my hand at embroidery via a quick Michael’s purchase. This kit was $5 after a 50% off coupon and I thought it was the perfect size kit for the 15 hour plane ride. I didn’t even touch it on the plane, unlimited box-office movies and napping kept me busy.

I would like to try my hand at embroidery and if I decide I like it and am any good at it, I would like to invest in,

I have heard amazing things about Jenny Hart and her fabo designs. I’ll keep you posted on my stitching endeavors.

Another of my endeavors and New Year’s resolutions is to learn how to cook Korean food. After an appointment at the housing office this morning I walked over to the base library and checked out

It’s a start and one of Joe’s co-workers lives in the building we are moving into and his wife is Korean so hopefully I can trade her some handmade goods for some Korean cooking lessons.

So far it seems cross-stitch and embroidery are the choice crafts in Korea, I have seen at least 3 cross-stitch stores in Songtan alone. I do, however, have a very small selection of fabrics and notions at the BX on base. If anyone wants to do a ribbon swap, I can get some great Korean ribbons here. Just leave me a comment.

Gotta run, doing laundry.