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Weekend Update

Gazing At: This amazing face:

Another awesome recipe site.  This one is great too for your mock restaurant versions of your favorite foods.  This baking supply site – which I found via Crafty Crow.  I can’t wait to bake special birthday cakes for my kids and you can be sure I will be using this site for many fun things.  Another fun blog link from Crafty Crow – check out her giveaway. 

Watching: Rocky – yes, I love myself some Sylvester Stallone.  I knew I wanted to marry my husband when I found out he, too, owned the entire VHS boxed set of the Rocky series.  Also watched and loved Slumdog Millionaire.  If you haven’t seen this movie yet, check it out, very well done and such a creative plot line.

Reading: This book, this book, and getting ready to re-read this book for book club.  If you haven’t picked up People of the Book, you must.  I can see a movie in the works for this one someday.

Listening To: Sasha Fierce

Cooking: Chicken Enchiladas and vanilla pound cake for girl’s night, orzo for Parenting Study using a mixture of this recipe and this recipe.

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Weekend Update

Since it’s been forever since my last post (and I have good reason, an 11 pound, now nearly 2 month old good reason) I thought it was time to jump back in the saddle.  Nobody told me it would take nearly 2 months until I had some semblance of a routine with a newborn but hey, who’s complaining when you get to look at this face everyday.

What I’ve been up to lately:

Reading: Just finished The Farming of Bones – very depressing but extremely well written and it was a great read for book club, lots to discuss.  When I’m not trying to finish a fiction novel I am currently digesting piles of baby books.  This one is my current favorite.

Cooking: White Chicken Chili – yum!

Baking: These for Finny and Donk’s Craft-Along.  They were so yummy, my women’s group loved them!  I also made this but it wasn’t great.  I have to make something with the pounds and pounds of lemons hanging off the tree in my backyard.

Listening To: Podcasts by this man – love everything he has to say.  Also jamming to her and these guys.

Browsing:  Loving this site, already posted and requested a few books.  Also loving this site for new recipes and gotta love all the pictures.

Watching: I seriously contemplated naming my son Jack Bauer Taylor because I love this show so much but we liked Tripp better.  Another show I am so glad is back after the holiday hiatus is Grey‘s although am I the only one that is annoyed with the whole Denny/Izzie dead guy scenario?

Crafting: This scarflet is slow going because I usually have a little one in my arms.  Not sure how much longer I’ll need it here in Spain but I can’t wait until it’s finished.  I’m using a brown wool and turquoise worsted together, I’ll post pics when it’s off the needles.  I also made one of these with a beautiful asian silk to carry my little guy around in.  Since he loves the sling so much I have 3 different ways to carry him now – the Baby Bjorn, the Ultimate Baby Wrap and a handmade ring sling.

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Thankful Thursday

Amanda’s new website, Mama to Mama.  This is an amazing idea from an equally amazing and talented artist and mom.

This week I am most thankful for CHANGE:

Even though we currently don’t reside in the U.S. my husband, along with many others, fight for it everyday.  We had our absentee ballots in as early as possible this year and are very excited for the changes our country will experience over the next 4 years.  I am so thankful that I will remember, forever, where I was when our country elected its first African American Democratic President.  I was actually snuggled up in my bed since I live 6 hours ahead of the Eastern Time Zone but nevertheless, hubby and I awoke before the crack of dawn to find out the exciting news.

Our car broke down today – broke down as in will cost more to repair than replace.  We have a baby due in less than 4 weeks and have no wheels.  Yet, I am thankful!  Thankful that we won’t have to pay $60+ a tank for this gas-guzzling hunk of junk any longer.  Thankful that this was the final push for us to get a new car, we had been holding out as long as possible.  Thankful that it happened today, when I was home from my doctor appt. and not on the way home from the hospital with our new little baby.

New recipes to try – Portuguese Sweet Bread and New York Style Bagels.

Getting ready for Christmas early. 

You know you are getting ready for Christmas too early when your decorations are up before the ones at the mall.  A friend of mine joked that I wasn’t giving Thanksgiving any respect by putting up my Christmas decorations early.  I beg to differ.  I am merely getting ready for the holiday now so I can spend ample time with little Tripp when he arrives in a few weeks.  The last thing I’m going to want to do in between feeding and changing my new little man is stringing the lights on the tree. 

What are you thankful for this week?

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Cookie Carnival

So I found out about the Cookie Carnival from My Yummy Life’s yummy blog and decided to join up.  I love baking this time of year and I am always interested in new delicious recipes.  If you care to join me, hop on over to Kate’s blog.

Cookie Carnival

Cookie Carnival

Simple Gifts

My move to Spain really put a damper on my crafting habits.  When you pack up your sewing machine for almost a month it can get hard for someone with crafty ADD.  I was a little behind on my FaDSA projects so I thought I would post 2 at once.

I made the button scarf back while we were living in Korea so I got plenty of use out of it in the cold and gray winter.  I opted for something a little different and instead of making a button I made a large buttonhole to pull the other end through.  It’s totally adjustable and nice and warm.  One side is a black soft fleecy fur and the other side is a black and white flocked brocade.  I was very happy with this scarf and will be making more in the future.  I don’t get much use out of it in Southern Spain but I will be wearing this next winter or on quick weekend trips to chilly Scandinavia.

My next project was the Pintucked Table Runner.  I had a small bump in the road when I sewed the pintucked side into the inside of the runner by accident.  I just cut my seam allowances off, turned it over and resewed it.

I chose a gray tweed for the top, making it difficult to wash but I loved this fabric and it went great with my new black and white themed dining room.  Considering I live less than 1/2 a mile away from a bullring I found it fitting to use a matador and flamenco dancer print.  I don’t condone bull fighting but I do love all things Spanish.

Our home came with a gorgeous wooden table that seats 14 people (yes, 14) and two matching China cabinets (too bad we can’t keep them).  With a table this long I wasn’t about to make a table runner that draped off the sides so I opted for a shorter one.  This table will surely come in handy when we entertain.  Speaking of entertaining, our first soiree is an Easter dinner tomorrow for 25 of our new friends.

Kelli and Finny, I’m all ready for April’s assignment.

Mother’s Day Project

I know Mother’s Day is quite a number of months away.  And I know this project has been around for a while but I only heard about it today and I jumped on it.

Raesha, at My Love wrote about Carrie, a19 year old soldier who was killedin 2005.  I have to say that not only am I a sap, I am a military sap, first and foremost.  My husband has been Active Duty Air Force for 12 years and there is a huge place in my heart for military families because it hits so close to home for us.  I jumped on this project.  Please do the same!

Not so Happy Hands

Ok Amy, the math is simple.   Hand sewing = pricked fingers = not so happy hands.  What is it with you and hand sewing?  We thought you got it loud and clear when Finny explained her complete and utter distaste in hand sewing.  And if that wasn’t enough, it was plastered all over “The Club” that we did, indeed, agree with poor Finny about the whole hand sewing thing.  See, for about the past 200 or so years, we’ve had this cool contraption called a sewing machine.  I’m not sure exactly how it works but it smooshes (technical term of course) layers of fabric together and they stay stuck.  It’s really quite awesome and so many people are using them nowadays.  This month’s project, the cool little potholders required a beeezillion pins and therefore, should not have required ANY hand sewing as there were already enough pricking possibilities with trying to stab bendy straight pins through 18 layers of batting.

So since I was not a happy camper after having completed these, I present to you one very happy hubby!  Since I don’t let him in or anywhere near the kitchen, he thinks these beauts are just perfect as puppets for the girls.

Now let’s get to the technical part – I don’t do assymetrical!  Just don’t do it, not with certain things anyway!  I tweaked the front sqaures to have 9 blocks and reduced the size to an 8″ pot holder.  I’m not ashamed of my midget-sized hands and I’m usually swimming in standard oven mitts.  I also did absolutely NO hand stitching whatsoever.  Call me a rebel or a bad ass but I machine stitched the entire binding on and it felt SOO good!  Take that you beautiful and oh-so talented Amy Butler! Kelli and Finny bring on September, I’m all fired up!