Clean Sweep Apron & Happy Quilt Trip

Just whipped up this little Clean Sweep Apron (if 2 hours is considered whipping).  I found this adorable remnant of apron fabric at Happy Quilt last week and while it wasn’t long enough for the aprons to be facing the right way, I still think it’s pretty cute.  Thanks for the pattern Cynthia.  I did modify it a bit, basically because I can’t follow directions and I’m always looking for shortcuts which then turn into longcuts (is that a word?).  I added a bias trim along the sides and made the bias trim into the ties.

Joe was laughing his butt off when I filled it with cleaning supplies but I think it will come in quite handy, thankyouverymuch!  Yes, those are pieces of thread on my shirt.  And YES, thanks for asking, that is my brand new shiny Christmas bike in the background.  Too bad I won’t ride it in the negative 12 degree temperatures we’ve been having here in Korea.  I will have to wait until March when it arrives in sunny Spain.  Right now I just take a few daily circles around the living room on it.  Isn’t it cute?

I forgot to photograph them but I landed some awesome finds at Happy Quilt last week.  Some Anna Maria, some Vera, some Denyse, and some Michael, just to name a few.

This is the bag I made using some Anna Maria Chocolate Lollipop plaid and the newest pattern from Vera Bradley’s line.  I used this pattern and modified it a bit.
Saturday will be my last jaunt to the fabric market in Seoul before we move. 😦

I’m sure I will come back with quite a stash on Sat.  Wish me luck!


2 responses to “Clean Sweep Apron & Happy Quilt Trip

  1. Love this apron! A great creative job you’ve done.

  2. I am in Suwon with my husband for the next 2 weeks and would like to visit this store before leaving. Do you know the closest subway stop? Do you think the taxi drivers are familiar with the location of Happy Quilt. Thanks for you help. Patty

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