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Chocolate Cherry Goodness, thanks again Kelli, I make these at least once a month for Joe’s office, they love them.

My April Amy Butler In Stitches Sew Along project, the lounge pants.  I made two identical pairs, one for myself and one for my Mom for Mother’s Day.  I embroidered the bottom of a pant leg on hers, more on that little project later this week.

Gorgeous package from Crystal.  Fabric I was fawning over, a skirt pattern recommended by Beki, an adorable needlecase and candy that didn’t make it long enough to be photographed.  Crystal is a mind reader and this is the first ever Amy Butler fabric I own, woohoo!

I also got a great package from Sima.  We decided to do another swap this month and I am so glad.  She sent me some great craft mags, as I have a hard time finding them here.  I also told her how bare my Korean apt. is so she made me this beautiful wall art goddess.  Isn’t she beautiful?  Look at those colors, they scream spring, I love it!

I also joined another group, as if I need another.  MeLisa and Chara are co-hosting a Sew What Skirts group on Flickr so if you just purchased the book or are thinking about it, join us.  I love the creative ideas and inspiration I get from groups.  It allows me to be accountable enough to finish projects and have the fellowship of sharing them.

That’s all for now, I will leave you with a little bit of cuteness.  My baby cat, Meo,we call her the baby even though she’s not a kitten, asleep in my hubby’s shorts on the floor.  She always has to find the most percarious and interesting places to sleep.  Isn’t she the cutest!!!?


Swaps Swaps Swaps & My 1st Workshop

Wow, I just realized I am THE worst title comer-upper-with person EVER!  Oh well, there are more important things to think about right – like what’s in the post!

Speaking of what’s in the post…  Could any of these packages be for you?  Hmmm, I guess you’ll have to wait and see.  I have been having a blast with all my swaps but I have had to limit myself to about 3 – 4 a month for budget and time sake.  The mailing alone will set a girl back 30 – 50 smackeroos.  Smackeroos are not the Korean currency by the way…

The one place I can order from that doesn’t take a million years to arrive is Amazon and it looks like I went a little overboard this month.  I am overwhelmed, in an excited kid-at-the-candy-store kind of way.  Note to self – next time order one a month so you can actually focus on a few projects at a time.

Even though I am not an official Stampin’ Up demonstrator yet, I have scheduled my first workshop.  It actually works out better anyway because I can’t do any kind of promotion or publicity at the A & FRC, which is fine because my main focus here is volunteering on base and meeting some new gal pals.  Wish me luck and if you love stamping as much as I do and have any ideas for me, drop me a comment, I love hearing other people’s ideas.  I will be spending the next week or two drowning in SCS.  For anyone who doesn’t know about SCS head on over, it’s amazing!  I will be setting up 4 stations of 3 people each and will offer 1 card and 3 stamping doodads.  I am in need of doodad ideas so start thinking girls…

Random Post and a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT – well big for me…

Ok, so this week I have been seriously trying to make a change in my blogging habit.  Thanks so much to all who commented with helpful hints.  I have moved the computer to the couch rather than the dining room table, making it harder to sit for a long period of time and stare at the screen.  I have also started giving myself small chunks rather than endless hours.  I’ve found reading some blogs while listening to a podcast has also helped as a little timer.

A great package I got in the mail from Natasha from Singapore.  We found each other on Gimme Your Stuff and she sent some great things.  My favorite things were the yummy snacks, and some beautiful Swarovski crystal earrings she made me.

Dawn  , a fellow military wife, is collecting cards for the troops.  If you make cards or have some that were given tou that you wouldn’t mind donating to her cause dropby her site to get all the info.  She is donating the cards to troops stationed overseas to use to send to their loved ones since their card selection is not the greatest.

Also, my dear blogging friend Kelli in Arizona has organized a heartwarming drive for orphans in Mozambique.   She is gathering goodies to deliver to the orphans on her trip to Africa next month.  Her blog today read that she has plenty of participants and help but I wanted to toot her horn a little.  Even though I have only “known” her a short while I can honestly say she is an amazing person and I feel honored to be her “friend.”  Plus, I’m always a sucker for orphans as Joe and I plan to adopt from underdeveloped countries when our young, travelling bug has finally worn down.  

The beautiful magnolia trees outside my apartment building – I love cherry blossom and magnolia season in Korea.

Ok, now for my big announcement.  I am becoming a Stampin’ Up independent demonstrator!  I am very excited to meet new people on base here and maybe make a few bucks doing something I love  So, if you don’t already have a Stampin’ Up gal, drop me a line.  I look forward to sharing my stamping creations with you on blog.

I need a 12-step program…

Dear Blogger Friends,

Ok, I know I haven’t written anything in April so far, anyway, and I want to explain why.  Well, at least try to…

Part of it is your fault – you as a collective whole.  All you talented, amazing crafters & artisans out there that I rely on for inspiration and entertainment on a daily basis.  I have become addicted to reading blogs.  Bella Dia was my first craft blog and I slowly started traversing through new blogs everyday admiring the beautiful things people were making.  I soon started my own and have never looked back.  But – I have hit a wall.  My Google Reader subscription list hit its highest number the other day at 243 blogs.  Every morning when I wake up the first thing I do is check my updated blog list, most days the counter reads “100+”  I can’t stop!  I sit at the table with my laptop for hours and then wonder why I don’t have the time for sewing or stamping.  Reading about all your creative ventures sometimes prevents me from creating my own things and writing on my own blog.  I know moderation is the key but I don’t know how.  I consider myself a loyal lurker to all my beloved blogs and do not know how to free myself.    How do you all balance, home life, blogging, crafting and your own free time?  Can someone, anyone, give me some insight?

Sincerely Yours,

Melanie “drowning in blogs” Taylor