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Feeling better and a productive weekend – Pic Heavy!

My new favorite shoes – bought for 9,800 Won or $10 USD in Seoul last weekend, aren’t they the cutest?  They are so comfy too and I’ve never had yellow shoes – it must be spring!

A little note I wrote late last night to hide in hubby’s backpack before he left this morning.  Kelli, thanks for supplying the note and the inspiration.

I made some taggies tonight for gifts.  I saw this idea on someone’s blog and I’m sorry I can’t remember who you are but if you see this and say, “hey, she got that idea from me,” please leave me a comment and I will promptly reference you.  I just thought they were so cute.  One’s for our neighbor, Joe’s co-worker, who helps us with all things Korean.  They have a baby girl so I thought she might like one.  The other one I will hold onto until I need it as a gift.  I used a thrifted butterfly pillowcase on one side and some REALLY soft flannel on the other side.

A taggie and bib set for my friend Rachel’s son Gibson.  They live in Florida (where I used to live) and I miss them dearly.  I got to spend his first 3 weeks with little Gibby before moving to Korea and I wanted to send Rachel something to make her smile since her husband just got deployed for another stint (he got back only a year ago).  Thanks to Beki of Artsy Crafty Babe  and Sally of Shim and Sons for the idea to make a cute bib.  I used a plain old washcloth as the base, which I appliqued with a cowboy boot using some thrifted fabric, which I also used for the taggie.

Some of you may remember I made the Calorimetry head scarf from Knitty but it was way too big so I’m wearing it as a neck wrap/scarf.  I used a brooch to fasten it closed but I think I will sew a button on instead, the pin was a little awkward to take on and off.

I have finally cut out all the pieces for the Amy Butler Ultimate Arts & Crafts Tote.  Whew, I hope sewing it takes less time than cutting out over 30 pieces.


In a funk…

Short post tonight, I’ve been feeling a little down the past few days.  It’s a combination of PMS, Joe leaving for a week tomorrow, stress about quitting my job and feeling lonely here in Korea.  I know I have a lot of things to be happy and grateful for but I’m just having a few hard days.

Some things to be thankful for:

An awesome stationery swap package from AfricanKelli.  She had no way of knowing that I love Frida Kahlo, or that I write notes ALL THE TIME.  Just look at that adorable owl card.  She also sent a wonderful CD for me to listen to while crafting.  I think she can read my mind because KT Tunstall and Sarah McLachlan were on my MP3 player when I popped in her CD.  Thanks Kelli.

And while we’re on the topic of how awesome Kelli is, check out the Flickr group she created for CAOK or Calculated Acts of Kindness, 40 days of kind deeds towards friends or strangers.

My CAOK yesterday was this package I got ready for my old students in Florida to reward them for their big FCAT tests in a few weeks.

Another awesome package I receivedthe other day was from Sima.  It is so hard to get good American craft magazines here in Korea so Sima came to my rescue.

WIPS – Lunch bag from Knitty for a secret someone and Amy Butler’s Ultimate Arts & Crafts Tote.

Hopefully I will be feeling better tomorrow, although I doubt it with hubby leaving at 6 AM.  You’d think with his prior deployments of 6 months at a time, a week would be no problem but I miss him the same whether it’s 1 week or 24. 😦

Living in the land of little people…

So since I live in Korea, where girls have the bodies of 13 year old boys, I find it terribly hard to shop.  Joe and I just returned from our Valentine’s weekend in Seoul.  I had planned on doing a lot of shopping since I haven’t really done any since we got here a month ago.  I came back with 5 pairs of shoes, two spring coats and some traditional Korean artisan items.  Pics to follow in another post, we forgot our camera and had to use a disposable this weekend.  I did not, however, return with any clothes because I could not fit in anything I saw.  This coupled with the fact that I gained all the weight I lost before my wedding last summer and the fact that I will be living near the Mediterranean in Spain in less than a year I have decided to get in shape.  Thanks to Lolly I started a profile on Peer Trainer and have added a weight ticker to my blog.  I inflated my weight a little, we don’t have a scale yet but I estimated as best as I could.  Wish me luck!

Quick Crafts Version 2.0

Just a quick post tonight, I have to do laundry and pack for our trip to Seoul this weekend.  I hope to go to the fabric market at Damdaemun Market, I’ll post on Tuesday if I find anything good.

A package for my cousin who goes ga-ga over anything polka dotty.  They love their polka dots here and whenever I say polka dots in class my Korean students laugh hysterically.  I guess it is fun to say, polka dots, polka dots, polka dots, ok, that’s enough now.

A little tunic I made from a hideous thrifted dress.  I bought the dress for $2.50 at the thrift shop on base almost embarassed to pay for it, that’s how bad it was.  Straight, shapeless, slit up the back at the bottom.  I cut off the bottom 3/4 of it just under the pockets, sewed a little seam and I now have a cute little apron-like tunic to wear.  I am very happy with it and the pockets are very deep which I like.  Being a teacher and occasionally collecting the odd item from a distracted child, I now have somewhere to put said items.

Here it the material close up, it is a dark gray denim material with a flocked velvety flower design.  It’ll look cool with some chunky black jewelry, a turtleneck, jeans and black heels.  Quick and painless!

That’s all for now, I’ll post on Tuesday with my Seoul escapades.

Late night crafts…

Tonight I worked on some quick and painless things for a friend who travels abroad a lot.  Monica is one of my closest friends from college, a bridesmaid in my wedding and one of the most giving and open people I have ever met.  She works at Winrock International, a nonprofit organization that works with people across the world to increase economic opportunity, sustain natural resources, and protect the environment. She works with a scholarship program for mid-career African women who wish to pursue Master’s or PhD degrees in agricultural development or environmental-related fields.  She also helps a team in Thailand and Vietnam that seeks to improve the lives of the rural poor within the Mae Lao and Dong Nai watershed areas of those countries.  Cool, isn’t she?  She is going to Thailand, Singapore and Myanmar next month and she is trying to plan a trip to Korea on her way back home to see me, YAY!

A simple little travel essentials bag for some small items to take in her carry-on, tissues, travel toothbrush & toothpaste, lotion, etc.

I also made, for the travel bag, the Amy Butler In Stitches Eye Mask.  The eye mask is one of the February projects for the Amy Butler In Stitches Sew Along.  I hope she likes it.

Baby Grocery Bag

I made a baby grocery bag for my friend’s daughter.  The same little girl that I made the baby apron for.  She can put all sorts of fake food and other goodies in it and haul it around the house.  I used two cloth napkins from my thrifted stash.  They are the perfect size for this bag.  I cut open a small plastic grocery bag and traced it on the napkins.  It was super easy and I even made some pleated bottom corners like a real grocery bag.  I hope she likes the gifts.

I heart Yo-Yos!

Yo-Yo barrettes for Carol’s Made For China endeavor over at Kidding Around.  Check it out, she is sending gifts to  orphanages in China.  When I heard about it, I jumped on the chance to help her, I hold a special place in my heart for orphans because Joe and I would like to adopt down the road.

Is that strawberry fabric not the cutest stuff you’ve ever seen?  I wish I had more but I only had a little bit and yo-yos called my name.  I finally get to dip into my stash of vintage buttons.

Since I don’t have a wee tot around here, you get a pic of me modeling the barrette.   I wish I could see the look on the kids’ faces when Carol’s sister delivers all the gifts.